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ICL Innovation

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About ICL Innovation


About ICL
ICL is one of the world’s leading companies in fertilizers and bromine based chemicals. ICL produces approximately a third of the world’s bromine and a variety of bromine based products, such as flame retardants, biocides and engineered materials.

About ICL Innovation
ICL Innovation is the flagship initiative of ICL’s new Open Innovation program. With the goal of accelerating ICL’s development of the sustainable new products and processes needed to solve major global challenges. We've created an Innovation Incubator to enable the company to benefit from the full range of knowledge, creativity and business initiatives from around the world.
Research areas
Electronics, MicroelectronicsIndustrial manufacturing, Material and Transport TechnologiesAgro chemicalsAnorganic SubstancesColours, dyes related to Chemical Technology and engineering and 18 more
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Large Enterprise

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Alisa Band

Technology Scouting Manager at ICL Innovation

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